To start selling on Maskify, you must first complete and submit our application form on our vendor page. Our application process ensures that your masks meet our marketplace standards and photo guidelines, as outlined here. Once your application has been submitted we will respond to you within 48 hours with instructions for setting up your vendor account.

We may request further information or imagery to ensure that your masks are the right fit for the marketplace. If your application is not accepted, we’ll simply provide you with some feedback and solutions to help you come on board.

$0 Listing Fee: Once your application has been accepted, there are no costs associated with creating your store and no listing fees applied to the products you upload to your store. 

5% transaction fee: Maskify applies a 5% transaction fee on the total transaction amount, which may include shipping and handling. 

2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee: You will incur a standard payment processing fee in the amount of 2.9% + $0.30, applied to the total transaction amount. 

Please note: An additional 1% fee is applied to any purchase made using an international credit card (outside the US) 

Affiliate Fee (Optional, subject to Affiliate Policy): In order to include a direct link to your website on your Maskify store profile, you must establish Maskify as an affiliate. Please review our Affiliate Policy.

During your onboarding process, you will be prompted to connect your desired bank account to Stripe, our payment gateway, by creating a connected Stripe account. You may use your existing Stripe account if you already have one. This is a quick and easy process that enables you to receive payment directly to your registered bank account. You can control the payout frequency directly from your Maskify vendor dashboard or Stripe dashboard.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is the payment gateway that Maskify uses to accept credit and debit card quickly and securely from consumers from around the world. Stripe powers checkouts for the most innovative global companies helping them with increasing conversion, optimizing the checkout experience, protecting against fraud, and providing a dashboard to manage business activity. Learn more at https://stripe.com

Which countries is Stripe available?

Stripe currently supports businesses in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and many other countries. You can see a full list here: https://stripe.com/global If you are not within one of these supported countries, Stripe offers a program called Atlas.

Yes. Maskify serves as a venue for you to list and sell products to new audiences. Your vendor dashboard provides all the tools necessary to manage and fulfill orders. Our platform calculates shipping rates upon check-out based on real time rates from major carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Stamps.com. 

For FedEx and UPS, you can connect your existing carrier account in your vendor dashboard under the shipping settings, which will enable you to generate shipping labels right from your dashboard. 

*We strongly recommend shipping products within 1-2 days of receiving an order. However, due to current circumstances we have temporarily extended this window to 5-7 business days.

The Maskify platform provides all the tools necessary for you to manage your store with ease. Some of our marketplace features include: 

  • Uploading, editing and removing products (images and descriptions)
  • Establishing prices and discounted items
  • Creating searchable tags for your products
  • Managing sales and shipping 
  • Generating shipping labels for FedEx and UPS
  • Managing inventory 
  • Customizing your vendor profile, complete with header and profile images
  • Managing SEO for your individual store
  • Providing links to your social media channels and website (website inclusion must comply with Maskify’s Affiliate Policy)

When your masks sell on Maskify, you will receive an automated email notification with the order details enclosed. You will also be able to clearly view and manage orders from your Maskify vendor dashboard.

Our platform provides a built-in chat tool that allows buyers to contact you directly with inquiries pertaining to a product or to request a refund. 

As a vendor on the marketplace, you have the ability to establish your store policies which should clearly outline your refund and return policy. As masks do not lend themselves to returns for the most part, a no return and no refund policy is permitted. 

In the event that you, the vendor, are at fault (e.g the item is faulty, or a different colour, style or material than advertised) we strongly advise remedying the situation in a professional manner, either by issuing a refund from your vendor dashboard >orders >request refund, or alternatively by offering a free mask to the customer – it’s up to you! 

Please be sure to address such refund requests in a professional manner in order to avoid unwanted negative reviews.

To stand out on Maskify, we recommended that our partner vendors review and uphold our marketplace standards as outlined in our Seller Guidelines.

Our guidelines are designed to provide the best possible experience for you and your customers on the marketplace. Vendors that consistently exhibit stellar customer service, either by swiftly responding to product inquiries and/or handling any disputes in a professional manner are likely to receive positive reviews and will therefore be featured in our ‘Top Rated’ section. We also recommend fulfilling orders in a timely manner, maintaining positive product reviews pertaining to materials and craftsmanship, and publishing curated, high quality images that draw attention to your products.

Maskify will continually update it’s hand-picked featured section, which is designed to highlight vendors with high ratings and superb content.

Yes you do! Maskify simply serves as a venue for you to share your creativity with the world. Your products are your products. As outlined in our our Terms of Service, Maskify reserves the right to request imagery and content from it’s vendors for use in marketing and advertising as a means to drive traffic to the marketplace to discover your products. Maskify will do it’s due diligence in accrediting all images and content used on social media and other marketing platforms to their respective owners. 

Maskify maintains that customer reviews are an integral part of selling online – whether the feedback is positive, neutral or negative. Regardless, feedback should be constructive by nature in order to further improve the quality of products and customer service offered. We have therefore outlined a number of instances where negative reviews are eligible for removal:

  • Breach of etiquette:
    Feedback that contains email addresses, telephone numbers, mail addresses, social media tags, offensive language, false statements, or content unrelated to the vendor or products will be removed.
  • The feedback is no longer relevant or no longer true: For instance, if the customer has raised an issue which you, the vendor, have not been previously aware of and/or promptly resolved the matter in a professional manner. 
  • The feedback is unrelated to the product or transaction
  • The feedback is a question about a product or a general question
  • The feedback is a premature: i.e. feedback about a product that has not yet been received by the customer.

The first step in having a negative review changed or removed is to communicate with the customer directly through our built-in chat tool to resolve any issue that may have caused a negative review. If the review meets one of the eligibility requirements for removal, and the customer has refused to remove or edit their review, please notify Maskify at sell@wordpress-446894-1399829.cloudwaysapps.com


Maskify utilizes Stripe’s robust fraud and chargeback protection capabilities in order to defend against fraud and minimize any potential losses caused by fraudulent disputes. If your business faces a fraudulent dispute, Stripe will cover the disputed amount and waive any dispute fees without requiring evidence submission.




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